Serious Sam: Double D Review [GameSplash]

Gamesplash writes,"Mommy's Best Games, long known for their Xbox Live Indie Games, brings their unique talents to the Serious Sam series in Serious Sam: Double D. Unlike the other Serious Sam games, which have all up to this point been FPS titles, MBG has elected to give our donut loving, chainsaw wielding hero a 2D makeover. The result of this makeover, as it turns out, is nothing short of fantastic."

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Huffman3097d ago

Are these the people that made Weapon of Choice? It seems similar. Very excited to check it out. Glad people seem to be enjoying it.

I am going to stack so many chainsaws.

BetaChris3096d ago

Good catch! Developer Mommy's Best Games did in fact make Weapon of Choice as well. Serious Sam: Double D is their very first PC game, the others (Explosionade, Weapon of Choice, and Shoot 1-Up) are all XBLIG titles.

Huffman3096d ago

I quite liked Explosionade. I'll be keeping an eye on Mommy's Best in the future.