Battlefield 3 64 Player Server Rental Priced At Over $1000

Many Battlefield players were abound with the news that Battlefield 3 would allow for players to rent server space for up to 64 players, but they may not be so ecstatic about the price tag.

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Urmomlol3099d ago

That seems a bit much...

TheBeast3099d ago

Yes but this is a server that can handle all 64 players at once with a uptime of almost 99.99%. Servers costs a lot of money if they need power.

Blacktric3099d ago

Not to mention that price is for 1 full year.

DeadlyFire3098d ago

That's not a half bad price for a year.

lelo2play3099d ago

I'm going to rent ten 64 player servers /s

SpitFireAce853099d ago

1000$ / by 64 = 15.62 per player per year thats a
1.30 per month for a lag free game i would pay that
on consoles any day.

TitanUp3099d ago

hope there are some people willing to do this but i can see the 64 player games feeling up fast.

solar3099d ago

it wont be that much. dont sweat.

xtremexx3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

a year????? ouch

wait can you make money by renting a server?

Triggs3099d ago

There are clans who are willing to host a server for average gamers like us to play in. To keep the servers running, they pay from their own pockets or with the help of donations. That is where a community is created (and maintained, if the server sustains its popularity).

However there are also some unscrupulous clans that take advantage of the donations and are not transparent of how much donations are coming in vs. disbursement for the servers, and that's how they make money. Not all clans are like that.

iamnsuperman3099d ago

That is an excessive amount. I know dedicated servers would be great but £786 for a year is well unbelievably expensive

a08andan3099d ago

It isn't really that expensive. If you gather a group of 64 people it is about £12.3 per person, and you pay a lot more than that for lets say Xbox Live or PSN Plus for a year of online gaming. It is like £1 per month per person so it isn't that expensive :)

aman84r3099d ago

But psn plus and xbox live are not just for one game.

TitanUp3099d ago

i wouldn't mind donating 15$ a year to a good clan

DeadlyFire3098d ago

For a PC community that price is still a deal.

Kleptic3099d ago

yeah its obviously to be split between a big clan, or a business (website, clan for profit, etc.)...

There is ZERO reason for some random individual to rent a dedicated server for a year...just to play normally on...

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The story is too old to be commented.