1UP Give Need for Speed: ProStreet 8.5

Need for Speed: ProStreet does a hell of a lot of things right. It dispenses -- hopefully for good -- with the second-rate storylines, the police chases, and all the bad acting that sullied previous installments. It feels more sophisticated, looks great, delivers tons of cars and racing disciplines, and upgrades what was already a solid online component. But far more critical, it's one of the best drives on the PS3 and 360.

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predator4924d ago

1UP are giving out some weird review scores ill give them that

BloodySinner4924d ago

Wow! Are these guys on drugs or what?!

TheMART4924d ago

I don't get it anymore. Wasn't this game shot down by some other reviews... Even within IGN, the different IGN Australia reviews of the same game.

The only games I'll be buying these games are those that 100% certain are killer apps: COD4 and Mass Effect. That's enough for the coming months to play!

angel199x4924d ago

I thought that the demo wasnt that bad, especially with the cool crashes which can cause you to total your car, but I agree the handling sucks balls. Driving in a straight line and my car flipped out for no reason. Might probably torrent/rent it first though, god it cant be worse than Juiced 2...

leon764924d ago

Another Weird situation...what's wrong with tis guys??? are NFS Pro street a great game or not??? I must say i don't dislike NFS series, but it seems this title is not that the fans expected...for me i'm expecting for Burnout, that is one of my favourite games!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.