Nintendo Official Magazine top 100 games

The Nintendo Official Magazine users recently voted for their top games of all time, here are the results.

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dark-hollow3096d ago

Lol the list is full of nintendo games!
No wonder since it's coming from NOM.

Squatch833096d ago

Its actually a multiformat list. Yes, Nintendo games are higher up, but when isnt a list dominated by Nintendo?

dark-hollow3096d ago

Super smash bros as the best game???
A non pokemon red/blue is making it to the list?

It's just full of crap! But hey, what makes my opinion any less wrong than theirs.

DarkCharizard_3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I applaud the voters. Easily, imo, the best handheld experience to date.

It was nice and fresh to see Brawl on top for a change :) After all, it is a masterpiece in the fighting genre!

SMG, SMG2, Pokemon B/W, Twilight Princess, Okami, Portal, New SMB etc was so high! This just goes 2 show that Nintendo has attracted the newest generation of gamers.

jony_dols3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

There are only 3 games that appear in this top 20 that are not Nintendo games, meanwhile they have put 4 (!) Pokemon games in the same top 20.....

Bioshock places in at .38 while Metal Gear Solid is at .89 & Deus Ex 1 comes in at .94.

This is the most biased Top 100 list that I have ever seen!

I can understand why there could be a few more Nintendo games in here due to the fact that it is coming from ONM, but that does not excuse them being total ignorant.

Hell there's no Shadow of Colossus, Half Life 1, System Shock 2, & not 'one' Quake or Doom game makes it in the Top 100!?!?

DarkCharizard_3096d ago


Its a poll by gamers, not the list made by a single individual.

jony_dols3096d ago

Yes the gamers that voted are biased.

I never said anything about a single author or voter.

It is a poor reflection on the readers of ONM that they have such a narrow-minded view on gaming. For any Top 100 to leave out games such as SOTC or Half Life, regardless of whether it is critics or gamers voting, is a disgrace.

ThatArtGuy3096d ago

Well, it's like asking Disney fans to list their 100 favorite movies. I sincerely doubt Citizen Kane is going to be on that list. If it is, it definitely won't be in the top 10, or 50 for that matter.

Squatch833096d ago

It was the users of the site that voted for the games.
But as i said, pretty much every top 10 or top 100 list is full of Nintendo games.

WhiteLightning3096d ago

Is anyone surprized at this......

As I said in another article ONM think Nintendo are Gods, unlike the OPM or the OXM they have articles defending Sony's/Microsofts decision when they do something or reassure people in articles incase people are worried by something they've done.

However with ONM they make them look like they can't do no wrong. They have never mentioned the three major issues recently

The 3DS not doing as well as it could...they say it's amazing and it's been doing amazing in sales

The 3DS price cut...they'll make it out to be a good decision but probably won't say why they did it, just that Nintendo are that nice they've lowered the price. Not even crictsize the decision when people have spent a lot of money at it's launch

and finally the Wii U's mixed recption....they speak of it like back when the Wii was released. A game changer, the "perfect" machine and even said once it an article that the PS4 and 720 were in for a challenge.