Skyrim developer discusses Xbox 360 graphics, scale

Speaking in a developer diary posted below, courtesy of TheGamerXperience, Howard talks about the various development changes the team implemented in order for the game to look and feel as epic as its size.

“We’ve pretty much rewritten all the graphics and the gameplay system, as well as used a new face system and interface system, ” said Howard. “And we knew coming off of Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360, that there was a lot we could still do to really harness the power of it. There is just this unlimited amount of detail we put into the world, from little things like forks and berries to mountains and dragons.

“We want all of that scale on th

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kingdoms4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )


I love in my video when the dragon picks up the troll and drops it, the troll didn't know what to do LMAO and it hurts.

qwertyz4180d ago

they already said themselves that the pc version will be a generation ahead of the console verisons so what are you talking about. it looks amazing on 360 though, I cannot deny that.

vyke34180d ago

is that you inside_out? i heard you got banned.

Brownghost4180d ago

if my pc can handle it i might get it if not then xbox

MasterCornholio4180d ago

Dang i just wish they would show some footage of the PS3 version. I hate the fact that there are rumors that they gimped it due to the recent deal with microsoft.

Anyways if they do a crap job with it on the PS3 i just wont buy it.

dark-hollow4180d ago

30 days waiting for the DLC is no problems.
Elder scrolls are well known for sucking hundred of hours from gamers life so the wait should be easy.

4180d ago
KMCROC4179d ago

Maybe it's a marketing ploy like EA is doing by only showing PS3 footage of BF3. just taking a shot in the dark.

aviator1894179d ago

Well, it's the same situation with battlefield 3 and modern warfare 3. Though, in the end, the games from top-tier developers with a solid background generally come out excellent for all platforms.

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dark-hollow4180d ago

It's lovely that they are improving the graphics and everything,
But it's the bugs am worried about in Bethesda games.

ElementX4180d ago

This article has absolutely nothing new. We already know about the new facial system, attention to detail, and dragons. Just a rehash of known information.

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