What Werewolves should be in Skyrim

Ace from writes:

"First thing first, werewolves are not officially confirmed to be in Skyrim. This is a theoretical video and is heavily opinion based. Basically I wanted to show you guys my vision on how werewolves should be IF they are in Skyrim..."

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Balcrist2574d ago

dis guy.... i don't want to hear him talk anymore... a lot of talking and a lot of not getting to what we wanna hear.... not a good combination....

dredgewalker2574d ago

I hope they don't make them Twilight werewolves :)

rattletop2574d ago

van helsing werewolves!

LightofDarkness2574d ago

Just before they die, they should revert back into human form, which looks exactly like Taylor Lautner, cowering in the fetal position and begging for mercy. Then I will chop his douchy, modern-day-Tom-Cruise midget face off with a claymore. Or set him on fire, both would be fun.