Dead Rising Release Date Broken

Dead Rising has been released thorughout the UK one day before its official release date which was meant to be the 8th of September, I wonder why ?

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bernie5863d ago

This week:- Dead Rising, Madden NFL 07, Enchanted Arm RPG, Lego Star Wars II and Test Drive Unlimited.

God it's good to own a Xbox360!


kingboy5863d ago

make lots of noise with little or no news post.

Lucidmantra5863d ago

to take advantage pof all those people who were saving for a PS3 they won't have they can go buy a console and 4 of the best games on a next-gen console that is out now.

Oblivion, GRAW, Dead RIsing, Test Drive U, Madden 07 + 360 premium = $680

And you will be playing them for AWHILE!! they are all deep deep games.

xXbebofisherXx5863d ago

even though i am a north american gamer (Texas) i happy that the europeans (im german) finally get the feel the power of dead rising. its a flipping awesome game that will be enjoyable for hours upon hours. lucid those games you mentioned are very good games. im not a huge sports game fan so i dont agree with madden but everyone has a different playing style. us 360 owners will have almost over a full year of kick ass gaming before PS3 even has one game hit someones house. enjoy the gaming becuase soon the PS3 and 360 war will truly begin and be in full swing. just be prepared. its going to be ridiculous. very very ridiculous.

chappy5863d ago

thankyou microsoft for the 360 thankyou capcom for another awesome game and thankyou sony for messing up what a great week!!!! ;-)