DmC a true, “intense” collaboration with Capcom

Capcom and Ninja Theory have both said the latest Devil May Cry game, DmC, is very much a product of both houses, not a case of the developer working independently – especially when it comes to combat.

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chidori6663095d ago

good luck assholes. enjoy the burden of proof.

Redempteur3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

burden ???

you can collaborate all you want but without the previous game designer , battle designer this means little ( producer also means little in this case )

no i'm not convinced

jc485733095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

well, I don't know. I know Hideaki is working on Dogma, but he still shows up in the interviews and talks about DmC as the director. He may just be a PR or at least as supervisor. We really don't know how involved Hideaki is with DmC, but I would assume he wanted a true DmC created from scratch. Maybe he was getting fed up using DMC1 as a reference.

jc485733095d ago

reference for story that is.

fabiani3095d ago

the game looks awsome to me.cuz its my turn to be dante.I dont need white hair to be awsome

xf3095d ago

@ fabiani
It's not just the hair people are pissed off about, you know.
I hate everything about the freak but what i dont understand is:
1) Why does he have black hair?.
2) Why is he a fag.
3) Why does he smoke?.
4) Why does he look like Frankenstein?.
5) Why does he look like the fag who designed him?.
6) Why is he an Emo?.
If Crapcom/Fag Theory can justify the above changes to me, i will forgive them.
Voice in head: No you wont.
Me: Yes, i will!.
Voice in head: Nope, you wont do it.
Me: Yeah you're right, i wont.
Voice in head: I knew you wouldnt, you're mean!.
Me: Hey, back off schizo!.

fabiani3095d ago

how is he a fag.he smokes who cares,frankenstain noooot at all just a bit pale.gamers today r soo pathetic n fanatic

tiffac0083094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

That's right the original Dante doesn't smoke nor is he a rebel.

He's laid back and indifferent and his favorite food is Pizza and he loves Stawberry sundae.

He's a bad arz half demon and yet a big kid at heart. That's why the original Dante is beloved and iconic.

Oh and sadly the new Dante doesn't look like Frankenstein he looks like this:

Which is much worse if you ask me.

scotchmouth3095d ago

They lost me at emo/twilight dante

Cpt_kitten3095d ago intensely horrid game

xf3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Couldnt have said it better myself, *clears throat*...."an intensely horrid game". See, yours was better.

Gamer_Z3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I honestly don't see who this game is for, i mean who are their target audience? Casual gamers know nothing of DMC and probably wont buy it and long time fans like myself wont be buying it either because of that scenester fag aka new Dante

Peaceful_Jelly3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I've been wondering the same thing because the DMC fan-base isn't as big as FF where no matter the quality of the game there's a couple of millions that will buy it just because of the name. Most fans are pissed and casuals and non-fans only buy based on reviews and multiplayer. So the only way this game would sell is if it scores only 10's across the boards and from those few hard-core fans that would buy it just based on the name.

3095d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.