Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Demo Hands-On NoobFeed)

A playable demo of the next game of the famous soccer franchise is now available for download via PlayStation Network, though it’s only available so far in the European PSN Store. The Xbox 360 should also get its own demo version of the game, but Microsoft console owners will have to wait until September.

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Baka-akaB3100d ago

With some last fine tunings this game could become the best pes yet

Yi-Long3100d ago

... they're not quite COMPLETELY there yet, but I have a strong feeling that after a few years of FIFA, I'll be giving PES a try again! :)

(I was always a huge fan of the series until they went completely crap after PES5/6...)

59Martins593100d ago

Coming from a player that is #4 in PES 2012 in Portugal:

I loved this demo, it took me a few minutes to really start working as a team because while aproching this game you will feel very tempted to go to 1v1 situations and that's due to the new animations, which in my point of view really improve the game. I don't think that they make the game look like FIFA, just play both and they feel very different...

The reason why the demo is called "DEMO 1" is because they released this one and are hoping for a lot of feedback from the PES community in order to release a second demo in mid-september, check out "jonmurphy_pes" on twitter and share your GAMEPLAY opinion. They will take the feedback and apply it on the 2nd demo and the changes that the community likes will be in the final game.

The only thing that in my opinion should be fixed are the shooting animations, in 60-75 overall players the shots will lack a lot of speed, making the shot look like it was made from a 10 year old.

Baka-akaB3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

yeah i dont get how some people claims they are going toward fifa . Did those guys play pes 5-6 ? That's the kind of flow they are going back to in pe1 , wich got nothing to do with any fifa game .

Among list of changes , yeah the shots still lack some oomph . A few minor issues yet with the through pass (sometimes instead of flowing alongside a player's run in parallel , for no valid reason the ball just hit him from behind ) .

While i love the new mechanic and distinctions between the plain sprint (R1) and burst explosion accelarations (R1+R2) , the regular sprint is too nerfed on natural sprinters

Keepers are better bust mostly because of the new animations . Unlike the rest their IA isnt good yet .

59Martins593100d ago

The way I see it: FIFA makes the introduction to the game easies than PES, that being why kids (new players) will prefer FIFA over PES, they only play once and decide from that experience and FIFA will attract them more, because you can beat the AI with ease without knowing any advanced controls, PES in the other hand is making it harder to new players to get used to the game but I think that that's only for new foootball game players, because any good FIFA player can play PES and vice-versa.

I noticed some really bad passes in the demo, and that were not my fault, I don't play in assisted and I think thats what is causing the problem, although the game is still very fluid in terms of passes and gameplay, in the pass division I feel like the did a step back from 2011, nothing that can't be fixed and I believe they will fix it for the 2nd demo.

I didn't notice any problems with the sprint, in fact, I really liked the normal R1 sprint while using Varela from FC Porto.

Thay need to fix the GK's AI and also they need to make them move a little bit faster, 20-40m shots are way too easy even in max. difficulty. What I hated was their response to a shot that touches another player while going to the goal, they stay in the same place and sometime don't even move to try and get the ball.

Baka-akaB3100d ago

while the DF catching up to the striker bug is gone , a few speed merchant type strikers seems kinda slow during sprint . Most of it is made ok once you use burst , but it's still a little bit too slow imo (along with some other fans) . I believe there is even a petition of some kind about that .

My biggest gripe with the GK is how dumb is when dealing with slow shots .Literrally dumbfounded as he suddenly dont know what to do , until its too late .

As for passes , i thik its fine , and only the through pass that really need some rehaul . Without going into fifa's (imo horrible) handling of passes , they were a bit to easy in pes 11 imo . In 11 the defense's saving grace was bad AI positioning from your wings and strikers , and stuff like the defense catching up bug . Otherwise playing full possession and confiscating the ball would be way too easy .

I feel that minor bugs aside , passing in 12 is better as you gotta at least work more for it .

Hanilugtehul3100d ago

The demo is good,but it still needs a lot of work.Sadly the players still move like robots,and the game needs to flow better. But its way better than last year:-) I really like the long replay thats cool,and the animations is also better but the overall feel of the game could be better in my opinion. Peace:-)

59Martins593100d ago

I like the feel of the game, but thats just me...

They can always improve and they've come a long way since 2008.

Hanilugtehul3100d ago

yeah i agree, they have come a long way since 2008, but i still miss the good old days(ps2,xbox)

davidj883100d ago

I was quite disappointed with the demo, imo the keepers are appauling, players feel too stiff and robotic, animations look clumsy and at times unnatural.

I look forward to trying the second demo coming out which will give us a better feel for how the game will play in the final build, if they can't sort these issues out i will be sticking with FIFA like i have since PES 6.

Inception3100d ago

For the people who already try the demo, i want to ask one question:

Are Taiwo, Mexes, and El Sarawy already in AC Milan line-up?
If yes than good, but if not than i knew Konami will update their roster along with Aquilani in it :)

Baka-akaB3100d ago

As a matter of fact , yes they are .

Inception3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Thx for the info dude. Bubbles + ;)