GameStop Supports OnLive In Its Own Unique Way "Up until a few years back most of the gaming community had forgotten the PC as a console alternative. A combination of expensive customer parts, unrealistic graphical requirements, and a lack of variety on the PC itself would round out the typical excuses that most come up with regarding the slow 'death' of the PC. Never have I asked those questions, instead summing up my opinion with a 'why bother?' I can trade in games, bring them to a friends house, or not have to worry about installing anything. It was easier to buy a console game and get more out of it back in the day, and for that I could simply go to GameStop. No alternative was really worth searching out or investing time in since the prices were almost always the same for a product that I was mostly going to buy out of convenience anyway. No alternative that is, until recently."

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mephman3098d ago

Certainly an interesting take on things.

Crazyglues3098d ago

Wait, wait, people are surprised at GameStops Actions.. LoL a company that has been robbing consumers for years... LoL


DaCajun3098d ago "Up until a few years back most of the gaming community had forgotten the PC as a console alternative."

That is the dumbest comment of the day. WTF? I was under the impression that consoles were the alternative to PC gaming, a cheaper way to experience the same games. Wow this must be a little kid writing this to think that way.

Volomon3098d ago

Article must be from a young gamer, PC games use to be trade-able up until about 8 year now? Due to "rampant" pirating and the lack of ability to get employees to stop failing to know which games had serial codes and which didn't. It's the PC that really killed that aspect with the added protections of serial and then DRM.

ginsunuva3097d ago

It's good free advertising for Onlive!