Video Games in the Bible

Joseph from Gaming is becoming wide spread enough for it to have a theological impact. Sorry guys, but video gaming is no longer the dominion of the diminutive nerd."

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Beetey2612d ago

This is a pretty good article. If it doesn't feel wrong, it probably isn't.

BTW I used to have a youth minister that would host HALO tournaments at our church. Pretty cool guy.

JellyJelly2611d ago

There's so much hypocrisy in this article that I don't even know where to start.

newn4gguy2611d ago

This is 2011. If you have a youth pastor who DOESN'T play video're probably not in America. ;)

Mine hosts LAN parties at his house. It's awesome! Of course, I'm a youth leader now...not a student of his.

Scrupuless2611d ago

The church/religion is on the decline, there is a correlatioon between educated countries and lack of faith, thank god lol. Having said that, gaming has nothing to do with religion, other then religion may be represented in some form within a game. For the most part I could care less about wether some same crazy people that pray to a man in the sky, approve or dont approve of a medium of entertainment. If they wish to limit there exposer to the 21st century I am all for it, lets leave theocracy in dust.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2611d ago

"If they wish to limit there exposer to the 21st century I am all for it, lets leave theocracy in dust."

Psh... the day that happens is the day that common courtesy is surrendered to the will of depravity. You can dislike religion all you want but the fact is that without it and God this world would be even more disastrous than it already is. It is funny however that the people who always trash religious people for being intolerant are the most intolerant of them all.

Anyway this article is ridiculous. Read Jeremy's comment on the article. I agree with him. Video gaming is a medium just like movies, books, and television. And a medium can be used for either good or evil. I'm in college for game design and I plan to make a lot of Christian themed games. It's a way of using a talent and interest of mine to do what God commands his followers. So get ready gamers :) Working on my first project now. Hopefully will be hitting psn next year.

f7897902611d ago

Good luck. 99.9% of religiously themed games flop.

Scrupuless2610d ago

"Psh... the day that happens is the day that common courtesy is surrendered to the will of depravity"..... how do you figure if there was no religion that humanity couldnt do good, what a sad outlook on the human condition. You think your doing what "God commands", in reality your doing what nobody worth there weight in salt commanded, how do you explain or in your case explain away the theory of evolution?? You know that theory that is in direct contradiction to the bibles timeline and chronology. How much belief must you suspend to keep that faith of yours going strong. Religion has no place in mordern soceity, it is an archaiac institution that education and enlightenment will rid us of, eventually.

PirateThom2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

What does religion have to do with common courtesy? Are you saying we live in a world where people are only courteous because religion dictates it? Surely, if that was true, then no one really means any of the courtesy they show and are only doing it for the big reward at the end and, thus, the whole thing is a sham and there's literally no point in showing courtesy unless you mean it because [insert diety here] knows you don't mean it? Considering how many wars and major persecutions of a people has been based on religion, no, I would disagree that the world would be more disasterous than it already is, especially considering religion had its chance and this is where we are.

cpayne932608d ago

My gosh evolution doesn't disprove Christianity. Its a probable theory. You are probably referring to genesis, the world being created in 7 days. Well, that is not neccessarily meant to be taken literally. There are different meanings in the Bible meant more for our relationship with God than it being historically accurate. Why don't you study the interpretation of the Bible by the church before condemning it?

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Pezmic2609d ago

" there is a correlatioon between educated countries and lack of faith" lol.
It actual fact religion and faith is on the increase in educated countries like the UK, in the last census only 8,000,000 people out of 57,000,000 people claimed to have no religion (

Scrupuless2609d ago

thats over 10% of the people polled, what do you think the percentage would be in afganistan, or romania, or yugoslovia?? I imagine it would a lot lower.

cpayne932608d ago

I'm Christian and I play videogames. But I honestly can't stand doing bad things in video games like killing innocent people. Its just not enjoyable for me, I don't see why anyone would have the desire to do that, even if its not real. Either way, I highly doubt Jesus would have gamed.