A BBC Report on the PS3 Launch Delay

A BBC report on gamers reaction on the news that Sony has delayed the PlayStation 3 launch in Europe to March 2007.

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TheMART5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

The add on comment from the Sony guy:


Says it all. Yeah get your hopes high, Sony will tear any dream apart. Like they did with the PS2 also. You'd all wish you'd bought the Dreamcast. That would have been a better competitor now with the DC2 against the 360

BBC says: "right now Sony is loosing"

Yes indeed. They're already for months and months and will stay in the corner the blows are coming like hitting a bleeding guy in FNR3 on my 360

Gamer135862d ago

Most of europe will get a xbox 360 this year - why because ps3 won,t be out till march plus europe loves soccer games and with PES and Fifa etc, Sony you make a very bad move.


Marcello5862d ago

Lets ask the experts rory says ??? all i saw was crying babies one of which didnt even know it was delayed!!! come on ppl stop whining, you dont think that sony know that its bad too but they have no choice, we all want better graphics ect but that means more data thus bigger media thus Blu-ray, they wanna give us want we want but its just gonna cost time, besides let the Americans have the first batch of ps3 they will be buggy, we Euros will get a better machine at launch

RuffRyder5862d ago

LOL.. Your just another dumb ass sony fanboy! I cant get over how blind to the truth you fools are.


THAMMER15862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

The problem is real bad because we have trying to tell the fan boys that since E3 05. They have more faith in Sony than the truth. Its really geting to the point where I pitty them like a hungry abandond child. If you like games you are a gamer if you like a console to the point of no return you are a fan boy. A fan boy is not a good look it is lame.

Monchichi0255862d ago

Laughing My ASS off!!!!

Come on, how stupid do you think we really are Sony!!!! You have done nothing but Lie ever since..... well that's all you've ever done. And you still expect us to believe that you will be able to even come close to 6 million!! You did just notice that you dropped your initial sales by over HALF!! Where are these extra couple of million units supposed to come from??? 6 million was the number you were struggling to meet before this bad news, and now you expect us to take your word on it. It's not like you can all of a sudden increase production can you??

All I gotta say is "F" YOU Sony!!! You lost a loyal customer and I'm sure you will be losing MANY, MANY more! I will Never buy anything with the Sony name on it ever again!!!

Sphinx5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

So many people are misled... sad, sad... he said he wants the PS3 because of better graphics (BS), better games (matter of personal opinion), and more online play (wtf?!?). Where has this kid been? the 360 has the online play! Ugh! People piss me off when they don't know what they are talking about.

shoota335862d ago

No they piss you off when they are not xbox fanboys like you.

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The story is too old to be commented.