Your First Glimpse Of PSN Pass

Alex of TheSixthAxis writes: Is the topic of the PSN Pass the most hotly debated thing on TheSixthAxis for a while?

Most certainly, and whilst the whole thing kicked off way before either Sony or Insomniac were wanting it to, the official reveal brought plenty of comments with many feeling that the concept of having to pay extra to play online unless you bought a game brand new was a little unfair – to say the least.

Regardless, as the quick shots of the press kit show, it’s very much real. We’ve obviously blurred out the code (as it’s not been entered yet) but you’ll see how the sticker looks and although the retail boxes will be obviously different we’d assume that the code will be printed in a similar way on the store-bought versions.

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FredEffinChopin2662d ago

Ugh. This is the birth of something ugly.

gamingdroid2662d ago

I tend to think so... online passes definitely doesn't benefit consumers despite what the publishers will tell you.

theonlylolking2662d ago

Then some devs say"do you not want us to succeed?"

I tell'em "Not if you have online pass."

dangert122662d ago

Can they not have a little strip like the games say online only? your ruining our box art sony

this is how I feel

ThanatosDMC2662d ago

Sad days ahead. I wont be able to buy cheap games at Gamestop.

dangert122662d ago

Wait for the price drop...
Mean while games on PSN are Improving vastly and remain cheap

Unless they are new releases and I have no problem paying £15 for a old ps3 tittle like deadspace of the store as my friends don't tend to have games i like so i can download this on their console and cloud save here there and everywhere...lifes goodish

ThanatosDMC2662d ago

I buy a lot of games on PSN too. I think, I've spent almost $1000 on PSN for PSP, PSX, PS3, and DLC games on it. PSP games cost the most in my opinion. Though they did lower the prices quite a bit.

xf2662d ago

@ ThanatosDMC
" I wont be able to buy cheap games at Gamestop"
Ugh, you criminal, you should be locked up with the rapists and murderers, you inhuman monster. You shouldnt even be allowed to walk the streets. What kind of vile creature would deny devs 0.000000001% of their royalties- YOU DEMON. /s

ThanatosDMC2662d ago

Hahaha! Bubbles for you.

I want to buy some of those anime games like Naruto 1, Raging Blast 2 and Blaz used.

Thedudehere2662d ago

the only thing cheap about gamestop are the bastards in charge!

MAULxx2662d ago

I don't really play much competitive multiplayer but I do like me some coop.

Seems everyone getting greedy now days & making their customers suffer. I thought the game industry want to bring more people in.

It's annoying where gaming is heading.
PSN pass is not the only thing.

B_Rian892662d ago

if the disc that resembles a vinyl record is official then that is the best looking disc artwork ever

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2662d ago

it is. i pre ordered the special edition and it comes with that vinyl disk along with 3 0r 4 other extras

divideby02662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

online passes, making a SP game required to connect to the internet is all about greed and does nothing for the gamers...
its just like all the DLC stuff... trying to hose the gamers for more $$ over the 60 + bucks for a game.
I stopped buying games on release until they go on an attempt to save $$

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The story is too old to be commented.