Oh No! I'm a Game Addict.

Jeremiah Hisel of Goozernation writes "Yesterday a friend came over to my house and saw me playing MineCraft. I was so excited to show him all the cool stuff I built. I showed him the Castle, the Floating city, and my near complete automatic wheat farm. When he asked me how long I had been playing this game I told him about 7 hours. His comment went something like this "F%[email protected] 7 hours? You spent 7 hours making a garden?" And that's when I started to think I was a Video Game Addict"

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thebudgetgamer2610d ago

no you're not, get off the couch and do something else. i'd have more sympathy if you said you had an addiction to coffee.

bustercube2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Well I do have an addiction to coffee also, but I didn't think that would make for an interesting story...

thebudgetgamer2610d ago

it's my belief that something that is addicting (heroine) is not the same as something that is habitual (video games).

Main_Street_Saint2609d ago

I never really knew anyone who had an addiction to coffee but I know more than a few people who are addicted to the smokes.

Istanbull2609d ago

You really shouldnt post this crap on N4G, this story is not interesting, I don't care about the lifestory of a random guy like you. Please post it as a blog, not as NEWS, this is NEWS4GAMERS

ChrisW2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )


I thought N4G = nag. You know, like you're doing. Nagging!

DarkCharizard_2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Ohh not another one of these!

I'd rather have u write a story about your incessant coffee intake because, NEWSFLASH! - this article is idiotic and boring...

Farmville? LMAO!!!11

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Jack_DangerousIy2610d ago

Get over yourself. Go three days without logging onto your computer. You won't/can't do it.

thebudgetgamer2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

well i have to for school, but i would rather be at a park laying under a tree or hiking a new trail.

my point is being addicted to crack and not being able to turn of your game system are not the same.

Main_Street_Saint2610d ago

Really? 7 hours? Ooooooooooo.... I've heard marathons that went on WAAAAY longer then this. If this guy fears he's getting addicted, just spend some time doing something else; read a book, go for a walk, do some housework/chores or just about something that will keep you occupied for a while.

I don't see an addiction issue here, just a little worrying.

dragunrising2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I would suppose different people have different ideas of what makes game addiction.

Some people fail to see gaming as an acceptable form of entertainment...even if only for an hour or two a day. Unfortunately I live with someone that thinks this way :-/

Skyrim is coming...oh noez

news4geeks2609d ago

you should murder this person... or at least point out their hypocrisy.

Alos882609d ago

7 hours is nothing. Start worrying when you play until you can't remember what day it is anymore.

ChrisW2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I play games a lot. Sometimes for several hours. Occasionally for half a day. But I also do other things. I go to the gym. Hike in the mountains. Take my dog for walks twice a day. Play with my son. And numerous other important or interesting things.

Yeah, I'm addicted to video games. I love them. But they don't control my life.

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