The Superior CS:GO Experience Has Left the Xbox 360 Behind and Moved to PS3

Bryce Wilson of HBG: By opening their development platform up to Steamworks, Sony has enabled the support of Valve on a level so large that it has almost entirely ruled Microsoft out as a potential partner with Valve and their Steamworks technology.

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KingSlayer4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Way too early to call it superior. Steamworks is nice as all hell, but 360 owners will still enjoy this game. They certainly enjoyed Portal 2. Do I prefer the free to play online, cross plat play, Move, M/KB Steamworks integrated version of CS? Yes.

soundslike4183d ago




the game may end up being sub-par, who knows, but its definitely not to early to call which version superior. Those three things are BIG deals to anybody remotely interested in CS (specifically mouse/key+cross platform).

Console FPS players are scrubs(not noobs) and can't play to win. After the first two weeks of the game, after the casuals leave bitching about camping, you're going to need some real competition.

laoboy_Smoke4183d ago

Never played CS.. looking forward to getting it for my ps3

Dart894183d ago


Just hope this game dosen't get infested with damn cod noobs and campers.

UltimateIdiot9114183d ago

If it does, they will leave shortly otherwise, they will have to adapt.


In CS there are a lot of campers, always someone camping, specially when there is 1 guy left and the other team is looking for him.

radphil4183d ago


Don't worry, you can get around campers in this game when using your head.

ThatHappyGamer4183d ago

People who enjoy S&D mode on COD might adapt but still lot of n00bs will complain about the lack of health regeneration.

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cannon88004183d ago

Counter strike is the grand daddy of all online shooters dude. four years ago i could choose from 17,000 different servers and there were zombie mods and a whole bunch of fun stuff to do. It's an awesome game. You should try it out before you play the new one. It's pretty addicting.

creepjack4183d ago

Steam is over rated. Not missing much.

earbus4183d ago

Its just one big updater i agree all this cross plat omg play worked well on shadowrun but it will still sell more on 360 lol MLG will take it up .

Zechs344183d ago

Like Portal 2 did? We are nearing an age when the 3 Million sales MS has over Sony barely matters. Youre calling the game a huge update? Might be, yes, but Valve's updates own what most "devs" call updates nowadays. Id rather give Valve my money for this "update" than be forced to pay for free content on the 360 (L4D2).

Regardless, the game is looking well and more Counter Strike is always good in an age of cookie cutter shooters.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34183d ago

Yeah, Steam is good for PC gamers, that's all. It's not exactly a service, it's more like an online game store with good deals.

NoobSessions4183d ago

Steam is definitely not overrated. Steamworks is though

Codeman4204183d ago

I like how Sony is taking a MS concept that they scrapped and is turning it into some thing useful. Cross-platform play was nice but MS failed at implementing it properly. Shadowrun was nice but that was the only game they had. Like how sony is actually working with Steam to get more and more games out there that utilize this feature.

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The story is too old to be commented.