New Releases for the Week of August 28th, 2011

Football, firearms, and a quartet of Wii-releases are the highlights this week. Also: what may be the PS2's swan song.

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mediastudies2637d ago

I think the PS2 will see some homebrew one day, so it's not dead yet.

deserteaglexix2637d ago

You're going to get me on a technicality ;)

Has there been much PS2 homebrew? I though this all the different systems are bios version, there still isn't a universal way onto every system?

sharpsword2637d ago

Will Bodycount have any music my Ice-T?

Copkiller, maybe?

pennyman2637d ago

Madden seems to be the 'big' one next week - feedback on our community thus far for Bodycount has been 'meh'

vikingland12637d ago

I am dying for an RPG !!!!

mediastudies2637d ago

I'm sure Deagle's with you on that.