Future PixelJunk titles will feature easy-to-get trophies

Don’t expect future PixelJunk titles to force you to go out of your way in order to get 100% trophy completion.

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sinncross2637d ago

Good? This is bad news. Trophies should require some sort or challenge otherwise its a stupid system.

SonyStyled2636d ago

they never said they wouldnt be a challenge. if you read the article, it says the trophys will be made to be aquired more naturally while playing. i have %100 in pixeljunk monsters, i cant recall one trophy that i got just from playing naturally. i had to play intentionally to unlock them. for example, Deep Impact- Destroy 15 enemies at once with the mortar tower, or Wishing Well- Drop 100 coins into the water and clear the specified stage are not trophys that are aquired naturally

JoGam2636d ago

Hope they add a platinum.

killcycle2632d ago

psn games will never get plats unless they got enough content to be comparable to disc games.

porgep2637d ago

Nice for trophy hunters, I suppose.