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The Controller Online writes: "In some new screenshots released today at PAX, we can clearly see Shepard taking on Cerberus forces. In case you haven't played through Mass Effect 2, I won't go into great detail about why this is signifigant, but most of you will know what I'm talking about. It makes me wonder if this conflict is a definite event or happens due to some choice you can make during the story. Either way, the evidence is clearly there in a number of these images. Interesting. Also, looks like Garrus has some new armor. Looking good sir."

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Godmars2902637d ago

This is what ruins the illusion of what choices you make mattering. What If you had cooperated with them?

And regardless after you've worked with them, they then do something in ME3 that makes you turn against them.

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BrightFalls762637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I've been wondering the same thing and agree that choice is a bit of an illusion. I was pretty excited with my 3 playthroughs of the first title to see how the outcomes would effect the 3 playthroughs of the next installment. I have to say that overall I felt the experiences were pretty much the same.

You start a relationship with Ash/Kaiden but they are a blurb in the second game. You save Wrex but you get to talk to him for a few minutes on his throne in the next. You romance Liara and you get a little more with Lair of the Shadow Broker but overall she wasn't a big part of the title. You saved the council and they basically tell you to shove it and then they are gone.

Not to mention all the side quests where people you interacted with are nothing more then a quick hey, remember me?

Maybe this will change in the third and the Racni (if saved) will help to save earth. Depending on how you handled Conrad Verner he could end up stabbing humanity in the back. Your interaction with the press could dictate public opinion on the best way to handle the war.

I think the fact that the first game was so heavy on great story telling to have it fall apart for more action was most dissapointing. I am looking for a blend of the improved mechanics but better story and dialogue choices.

Jormungandr2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Seriously? Did you really think that working with Cerberus was ever going to end well for Shepard? I mean... not one member of your crew... not even Little Miss Genetically Superior thinks Cerberus has your interests at heart. Every last one of them spends the entirety of ME2 telling you over and over not to trust Cerberus. hint-BLUDGEON-hint?

Oh, you think cause you're a bad guy to then they are going to be all buddy buddy? Hello! Bad guys screw each other over more often than they do the good guys.

The choice between helping cerberus and not was never a choice between gaining them as permanent allies or not. It was a choice between losing the allies you already had or distancing yourself from the group every one in the freaking galaxy hates more the Rachni and Krogan combined. It seems choices in ME are complex and the results unpredictable... you know... just like real life.

It was clear from the very first game that Cerberus was irredeemably evil... even if not all of their people are. How convenient that in order to get and keep Shepard's loyalty as long as they did they had to put most of those people on your ship. Almost like this was all planned from the beginning.

And no... you won't do anything in ME3 that makes them turn on you. Again... the author of this article hasn't done his research. It's already been announced that in the interim period between ME2 and ME3 Cerberus has been fully indoctrinated. The game will *start* with them as your enemies.

The reason you are fighting them in ME3 has less to do with whether they like you and more to do with the (reaper) voices in their heads telling them to destroy all life in the galaxy... starting with the irritating pest known as Shepard.

If you went along with them and gave them the base at the end of ME2 then they get indoctrinated while studying it (it is filled with reaper tech after all).

And if you destroyed the base then they just freaking hate your ass... oh and their leader (the Illusive Man) has been indoctrinated since before the first game

This is old news. Word of God from like 3 months ago already states Cerberus ends up as pawns of the Reapers. And seeing as The Illusive Man has been at least partially indoctrinated since before Shepard even became a SPECTER... you were never given any choices that could have effected that. It happened before the beginning of the first game.

More than likely near the end we will be given the chance to save the Illusive Man by helping him break free of the indoctrination he can no longer fight... not with the Reapers so close. Perhaps if you save him without killing him he will have some tricks up his slave that let you put the Reapers in their place in short order. After all... he has been successfully fighting their indoctrination (more or less) for years. There can't be any one that hates the Reapers more than he does.

FrightfulActions2637d ago

I don't really see The Illusive Man siding with the reapers. In the gameplay videos, Shepard states that the troops were indoctrinated. Could just be a rouge faction of Cerberus troops. With how the plot as worked out so far, seeing the Illusive Man working for the reapers just doesn't really make much sense to me. Regardless, excited to see how things play out in ME3.

Blacktric2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Read the comics. The guy got exposed to a Reaper artifact secondhand while trying to save his buddy who later turned into a husk but kept most of his physcial appearence in contact. And he started seeing the visions of Reapers and their invasion through the usage of that artifact and even more. He is definitely indoctrinated if you ask me. Maybe because of the indirect exposure to the artifact, or maybe because of the up close and personal interference of a Reaper. Because he isn't kind of a guy that puts his personal motives ahead of the survival of humanity. He would try to stop Reapers/indoctrinated troops first before trying to kill Shepard for what he did.

Jormungandr2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

This author REALLY didn't do his/her homework.

It was confirmed over 3 months ago that Cerberus would be a major antagonist in ME3. And also that they are pawns of the Reapers.

And don't think just because the covert, militant, human-supremacist, mad-scientist funding, super organization run by a Lex Luthor wannabe turns out to be *gasp* evil that your choice at the end of ME2 is meaningless.

As much time as Shepard has spent in and around Reaper tech... its fairly safe to assume he/she will soon be fighting indoctrination as well... now how would saving the Collector base full of Reaper tech affect that do you suppose?

ME19892637d ago

Was'nt this like the first thing revealed about ME3 like 6 months ago...