Halo Fest Special Feature - 343 Talks Halo 4

Microsoft's keepers of all things Halo discuss the thinking behind the upcoming trilogy.

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KingDustero2610d ago

There are three things I really want to see.

1. Get rid of the damn bloom. Halo is about skill, not luck. Bloom just ruins the gameplay IMO.

2. Either fully remove or balance armor abilities better.

3. Have an actual map creator now. Forge was nice and all when it came out, but now it is just old and not that useful IMO. Far Cry 2 did a full map creator in 2008. Why hasn't Halo done one yet?

CrimsonEngage2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I rather them completely redo MP. I'm tired of the same old Red vs Blue. Give me a new MP experience. I want a more dark and gritty gameplay experience. Let's move Halo away from the Arcade shooter it's always been and ramp it up this time K? New series needs new MP.