The History of Battlefield

A comprehensive overview of all the core Battlefield games. Brush up on your history to prepare for the future of the franchise: Battlefield 3.

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Hufandpuf2614d ago

Sit down children its story time!

Wardog13682614d ago

Agreed 100%.
I've been playing since bf 1942 and it's been amazing to watch the series grow. Most people just don't understand.

sovietsoldier2614d ago

that is the way for most games and the industry as a whole. different generations with different views and knowledge.

HarryMonogenis2614d ago

Whoah, this is one hell of an article; so much info I never knew about.

CapsLocke2614d ago

This is what I called the great military FPS franchise! Not some... eh, you know what I mean.


BF2 will forever be the king!

3GenGames2613d ago

Great article!

Anyone else remember the days on El Alamein on 1942 where whoever's fighters could take down the other's bombers and watch the base for the flak guns and then let the bomber destroy the enemies planes when they spawned neutralizing the enemies air force entirely and letting a single fighter roam the map and just destroy? That was always the strategy of choice from what I remember. Those days were awesome times, such a perfect game.

Now if only they'd release a 1943 DLC for $35 with the rest of the maps and the bad campaign and bots and FB1.5 controls and destruction added and I'd live on that game...

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