Let me survive: Will anyone make a real zombie game?

Big budget, zombie-themed games don't understand what the undead truly represent, but these upcoming indie titles may actually evoke that desperation, fear, and isolation.

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Wizziokid2608d ago

I'm hoping for 'Class 4' to be the 'real' zombie game

ShoryukenII2607d ago

All they need to do is make the player extremely vulnerable and punish them for failing. Demon's Souls does this (makes enemies as strong as player) and it makes the very scary. Especially on the first play through with traps and not knowing how to kill bosses (if boss kills you, you go back to the start of the stage). They need to add that and make sure everything is scarce. Basically if the game is like Dead Space with the stuff above then I think it should be good. But vulnerability is the next step.

illegalyouth2608d ago

Really looking forward to Dead State. I've been following its development since the announcement.

rabidpancakeburglar2608d ago

A real zombie game would be one in which you are the zombie

topekomsi2608d ago

Left 4 dead multiplayer.

Bleach2608d ago

Dead Nation is the only zombie game i need, so much fun.

zerocrossing2608d ago

There used to be one, I think it was called Resident Evil...

ReservoirDog3162607d ago

The RDR zombie dlc was actually decent as far as a zombie game goes. It wasn't mindless even if it focused a little too much on combat. But otherwise, it was a step or two above most completely mindless zombie games out there.

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The story is too old to be commented.