Rugby World Cup 2011 Now Available

The first shoot of release striving to get ahead of the autumn rush has seen the likes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament and Tropico 4 all making their way to retail stores throughout the UK, and now 505 Games has announced that the highly-anticipated Rugby World Cup 2011 has joined them.

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mcstorm2610d ago

Got my copy of rwc11 yesterday and I really like it makes a nice change from playing FIFA and NHL sports games. This is a must have game if you like rugby. I don't expect it to sell millions but I hope alot of people do pick this game up as its fun easy to pickup and can't wait for the world cup to start now.

S_C2610d ago

Same here, but the daddy of rugby games is coming on sept 9th with rugby challenge Cant wait. So far unbeaten online

mcstorm2610d ago

Nice ive not been online yet but willgive it ago this weekend.