Has Kinect made Microsoft cool?

Excerpt: With Kinect, Microsoft has a chance to capture the dumbed-down future of computing. Now, all a user needs to know is how to move a finger, how to say “Kinect: Do this,” “Kinect: Do that.” It could one day fundamentally alter the way people communicate with all their digital devices, from desktop computers to robot vacuums.

Suddenly, in the here and now, the only thing users (and, in some ways, creators) have to worry about is the experience.

The process of creating a traditional video game is usually split 80-20, with the minority of the time spent considering what the game experience should look and feel like, and the vast majority of the time spent actually developing the code. With a Kinect game, it’s the exact opposite. “Kinect made us think about what it’s like to be human beings,” says Joe Nickolls of Microsoft Game Studios. “And that makes us think about games differently.”

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Yi-Long2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

... at least not yet.

In the end, it will depend on the software that's coming out, and the experience gamers will have with it.

So far, those memorable experiences aren't here yet.

Personally, as someone who isn't into motion-gaming AT ALL, I don't really see anything on the horizon which uses Kinect in such a way that convinces me that I'm missing out on something cool.

Maybe that might still happen in a few years orso from now, and maybe in ways I can't imagine yet, but AT THE MOMENT, that interest from me just isn't there yet.

Just give me a normal controller and a couch and I'm good to go.

dark-hollow2613d ago

Those corny E3 shows are not cool.
Am not hating on kinect as I own one myself. But I'll reserve my judgement till better games release.


Yi-Long2613d ago

... just really REALLY poor. All focussed on how 'COOL' Kinect was yet it was pathetic to watch those hired actors making a fool out of themselfs showcasing some boring demos...

Like I said, I'm not into motion-gaming, so I had the exact same feeling when Sony did it with MOVE and Wii did it a few years ago when they were showing of their Wii, but people waving around and jumping and gooing ooooohh and aaaaaah just look stupid to me.

gamingdroid2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

***Personally, as someone who isn't into motion-gaming AT ALL***

Well then you aren't the target demographic AT ALL... If you aren't even open to it, no amount of coolness will convince you.

I think Kinect/Xbox 360 brand is definitely cool in young gamers mind. It's definitely a strong brand now, a far cry from the early and original Xbox days. Back then it was the butt joke!

Personally, I don't care about brands... so being cool isn't a concern for me.

thebudgetgamer2613d ago

only if it's opposite day on n4g.

iamnsuperman2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Maybe for the casual but its the 360 brand that has made them cool. Microsoft has always had trouble with their cool image. I remember a programme on the BBC that where looking at super-brands and they ask these kids about Microsoft and the 360. They said Microsoft is uncool but the 360 is cool and couldn't believe Microsoft are behind the 360. I think the 360 brand is helping Microsoft cred because that was flushed down when they released god awful Windows 7 party ads

Rowland2613d ago

maybe Bioware should merge with Microsoft game division as 'dumbed down' is what it's all about right now.

zinki332613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Yes, all the cool kids want grandma hip injury rehabilitation center games and games for 3-6 year old children.

I wish I was that cool,..

“Kinect made us think about what it’s like to be human beings,” says Joe Nickolls of Microsoft Game Studios. Yes because you definitely consider your self superior beings, to useless eaters,.. or what you call us,..?
MS you suck so bad,.. and it really is sad people don't see trough your BS and spin,..

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