Battlefield 3 Recon Class to Set Spawn Points?

Around 12:30am EST early Friday morning, Gustav Halling, gameplay designer at DICE, tweeted out a response to a concern regarding not being able to spawn on teammates when not in a squad in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Mister_V2609d ago

BF3 gets its own tactical insertion?

iamnsuperman2609d ago

That made me laugh. +bubs.

Criminal2609d ago

What's next BF getting tomahawks? Lol

Still, I can't relly make up my mind on whether it's a good system until I play the game.

MrSent2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Battlefield had tactical insertion way before the CoD series.

"The SLSB (Squad Leader Spawn Beacon) allows players to quickly deploy at the beacon's current location via drop-pod. The training for proper use of the device is only available for Squad Leaders with 1 Squad Member. "

You just got pwned.

Mister_V2609d ago

You're right MrSent. I forgot to mention this.

theonlylolking2609d ago

This is more like the tact class in killzone 2.

Acezakj2609d ago

Exactly, let's hope the spawning isn't as bad though. They spawning points in Killzone 2 were terrible, people would camp out the smoking green gas grenades and just wait for you to spawn.

news4geeks2608d ago

yeah they should never have taken away the spawn invincibility in kz2, they maybe should have just reduced the time of it.

I guess it teaches you to make intelligent spawn points.

Pandamobile2609d ago

Was still a feature from good ol' BF2142, stop acting like it's being taken from COD or KZ2.

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PixL2609d ago

I'd like to know if you'll be able to kick somebody out of your squad if you don't want them. Also, teamkillers are pretty annoying in hardcore mode which I play as default.

jib2609d ago

they are annoying. i never understood why they don't have auto-kick for people who have -1000 for their score in bc2. you had to have tried(killing teammates) to get that low of a score

MrSent2609d ago

Agreed. The best way to play is with good admins on servers!

theEx1Le2609d ago

They do, after a certain negative score the server kicks you, but this is flawed as i have seen team killers capture objectives and killing enimies so they can team kill again without getting kicked!!

Skate-AK2609d ago

It just gets better and better.

Criminal2609d ago

Indeed, BF3 is looking great.

Skate-AK2609d ago

WTF who disagreed with you?

jaymart2609d ago

Who disagreed?

The COD fanboys who only play the same game every year, that's who.

dark-hollow2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Yeah! Give those campers some tools to play with.
Better yet just give them some marshmallows while you're at it.

DeadlyFire2609d ago

hmmm...... Radio beacon inside enemy base. RAPE!!!!!! I hope there is a counter measure.

chak_2609d ago

Well, people will indeed be able to destroy'em.

Put them too close to the base, ennemy will keep destroying them.

Too far and they'll be quite useless.

I think it's a nice feature, and it will encourage people to play sniper differently

Apollyn2609d ago

That would be cool... jet in bail spawn! Sorrrteddd. God i cant wait to get some dog fights going!!

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