Goo Hara endorses ‘Puzzle Bobble Online’

Goo Hara, one of the members of Korean girl group KARA, was recently selected by NEOWIZ GAMES to promote their latest online game, ‘Puzzle Bobble Online‘ (also known as Bust-A-Move).

On August 23rd, NEOWIZ GAMES released an online game called ‘Puzzle Bubble Online’. But don’t let the cute name fool you, it’s an intensely competitive game!

The original game, which was developed by Japanese gaming company Taito, became quite popular with both boys and girls. However, that balance may shift towards a larger male playing pool now that Goo Hara is promoting the game.

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I so would eat out with her.

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Hahahahaha, Korean girls are hot.

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WTF that pic barely looks like her.