Star Wars The Old Republic: Why You Should Be Excited

Dustin Steiner gives five reasons why you should be excited for Star Wars: The Old Republic, such as the cinematic feel, having your own crew, and the epic scale of it.

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Drewminati2614d ago

yes yes.. goodbye wow account!! just waiting for a release date

Spinal2614d ago

Lol goodbye wow account? So hello wow in star wars skin? #Winning?

I still play wow an plan to buy swtor an gw2 but dont fool urself buddy swtor is wow with jedi/sith an voice actors.

silvacrest2614d ago

wow just doesnt have the back story or cutscenes during dialog, that may seem like a small win but think about how many people who just blaze through MMOs not even caring about the story? that was me and all because i had to read everything bar major story moments

Spinal2614d ago

Yeah but gameplay wise which is What really matters to be honest. SWTOR doesnt do enough to set itself apart from WoW.

Whereas Guild Wars 2 is making huge leaps in terms of gameplay, combat animations, scenery and actual dynamic events. None of that i can say the same for SWTOR.

Dialog quests certainly isnt enough cause it will get old really soon when like me you might have an hour free to play a quick session but u have to sit through 20min dialog.It will get old really quicky once you advance through the early levels.

Tony P2613d ago

I'm really looking forward to the game being either an incredible success or a colossal failure.

deitis2613d ago

Because WoW has a crew system? Your own ship? How about a branching story? Huttball? Space missions that play like starfox? A cover system? Yeah, that's what I thought. Research the game before you make stupid comments.

thats_just_prime2613d ago

Spin I'll give you that the gameplay looks a lot a like wow. However wow basically stole its gameplay from everquest and well look how that turned out.

Personal as a star wars fan and a rpg fan. The story part of the game is HUGE I'm not buying swtor for a mmo. I'm buying it to play the awesome stories. Story has always been a big part of star wars (noted not all of them were gems)

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BrightFalls762614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

I would be very excited if it were on a console:) I know, highly unlikely but as someone who does not enjoy playing on a PC I guess I will miss out. Bioware, give me KotOR 3!

Farsendor12614d ago

i say half the people that say goodbye wow account probably don't play wow now anyways that game is old.

pc gaming imo is the best but do agree brightfalls that kotor 3 would be cool

Perjoss2614d ago

I really want to, but from everything I've seen / read I cannot bring myself to be.

Spinal2614d ago

Yep i used to be excited but simply compare swtor to guild wars 2 gameplay vids an u will see why.

I still plan to buy both but only one has me truly excited an its a charr warrior!

silvacrest2614d ago

guild wars just doesn't have the story i personally care about

just my opinion

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