First Look: PlayStation Vita Malicious

Andriasang writes, "The portable version of Alvion's download-only PS3 title looks pretty similar to its console counterpart."

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dragonyght2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

oh ppl been wanting the game to come to the west now coming to vita hopefully it will come the state this time

Cloudberry2615d ago


I'm sure that the Vita version would be localized too.

FlameBaitGod2614d ago

Dam that game looks really good

MasterCornholio2614d ago

wow and some morons claim that the Vita is only capable of PS2 graphics looks like they are wrong. To me the vita is capable of near PS3 level of visuals.

NiteX2614d ago

I've never heard that, the psp does ps2 graphics why would vita be the same?

MasterCornholio2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Heres some proof

User = Toasty

"It can be an excellent title but it still won't produce PS3 like visuals. The graphics for Vita games are a bit better than PS2 but still nowhere near PS3's graphics and then the PS4 will come out to really show the difference in graphics."

Hes a common troll in N4G who is trying to convince people that the Vita is just a tiny bit more powerful than the PS2.

StbI9902614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

You can always shut him in the hardware wise departmet, Vita is like 5 ps2 in a cramped piece of plastic, so why shell the effort to post links further?

xf2614d ago

Is this game an RPG?.

Dir_en_grey2614d ago

Action game with very good fighting mechanics like DMC. You fight a boss every level and have to figure out how to beat it. There are many ways you can beat the boss but as you get better you find faster and more efficient ways to beat the level which gives u a better score.

xf2614d ago

Thanks for the info, the game sounds (and looks) awesome.
+1 to you.

zero_cool2614d ago

I want a demo to try out!

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