Twisted Metal Update: Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a special announcement for all of my Twisted Metal fans. Because I love each and everyone of you I am making this announcement exclusively to the PlayStation Nation.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dart894183d ago

Well looks like i know what i'll be doing for the half of the day on valentines day then attend to my gf at night time:p.

xtheownerzx4183d ago

Damn looks like jaffe is going to ruin a lot of relationships.

Forbidden_Darkness4183d ago

"Hunny, what are we going to do for Valentines Day?"


"OMG, Whatever! I'm SO over you."

Forbidden_Darkness4183d ago

Twisted Metal + Valentines Day = Sweet, sweet love <3

Prcko4183d ago

YESSSS,can't w888!!!!

miDnIghtEr4183d ago

Very smart time to release the game. While nothing else is coming out. Very smart move to get it out of the October/November release date.. too many games for people it would of been passed up.

TheLastGuardian4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

That wait is going to suck. Oh well, I've already waited years for this game but the next 6 months will be the hardest. I'm positive it will be well worth the wait.


How do you know there's nothing else coming out around Valentines day? Most 2012 games don't have solid release date. And no it wouldn't have been passed up.

I would pass on any game to be able to get Twisted Metal day 1 which is why it was the first game I pre-ordered that was scheduled for fall 2011. Anyone who'd pass on Twisted Metal for another game doesn't know Twisted Metal very well.

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