gamrTV Weekly - Games are Fun, Remember?

This week on gamrTV Weekly: Sonic and Fable are in the news, reviews of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, No More Heroes, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. gamrTV also talks about that word that comes after video: games!

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swirldude3479d ago

It is important to remember that video games are GAMES and are supposed to be fun. I've wondered how certain companies feel about that ever since Kotick said he wanted to "take the fun out of video games". Hopefully, enough of the industry keeps the fun IN them.

Machina-AX3479d ago

Ergh @ Fable IV news. Wish they'd work on something else - anything but more fable :/

Torillian3479d ago

I think Gearbox should just leave Duke Nukem alone honestly...

Duke_Silver3479d ago

nicely done, "Host with the most BEARD"

barefootgamer3479d ago

I think G4TV's Casey Schreiner might have something to say about that "host with the most beard" comment!

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