Power Stone should be on XBLA

The guys over at Xbox360Fanboy threw up an editorial on why one of the greatest games you never played should be on the Xbox Live Arcade. Capcom's own party fighter would be a great addition to the current XBLA roster although it's highly unlikely we'll ever see it for a variety of reasons. Too bad that Dreamcast-games-on-XBLA rumor never proved to be true.

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kewlkat0075863d ago

One of my fav games on the dreamcast. this game can give Smash bros a run for its money, except it doesn't have special characters. I love the chef though.

Lucidmantra5862d ago

great game... I liked the second one better though but Power Stone was a kick ass game and I think it is coming to the PSP.

Asylumchild5862d ago

good game i played this on the old dreamcast