2011′s Biggest Showdown is Off-Target

BP writes: "I want to be clear, this is definitely a rivalry. I’m not saying that Battlefield and Call of Duty are incomparable, or that we should shy away from judging one against the other, or that they’re aimed at different audiences. All of those things are true and cogent factors in discussing these two games. Unfortunately, pretty much all the media coverage on these two games has focused on this, and the companies involved have taken this viewpoint and run it into the ground."

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iamnsuperman2617d ago

Good read. Interesting points. The rubbish coming from EA though to me has been sickening. They are taking away what Dice have done. What Dice really needs to do is improve their story telling. It is known they are not very good but like this article says COD has had some memorable moments (like the intro in COD 4) that DICE needs to look into.

ATi_Elite2617d ago

Red Orchestra 2 is the only game that is the proper comparison to MW3 this year but then again RO2 is 100% KILLER and Hardcore!!

BF3 is in a league all it's own and has ZERO competition and MW3 has it's own audience that will consist of another 20 million in sales!

either way someone is getting shot in the face!

Buho2617d ago

All I know is that I'll be getting both games for my console of choice(PS3) and other gamers should do the same. Why only enjoy one game when you can enjoy playing both? Both games will be great, and I hope MW3 is more like COD4.

GamerzPack2617d ago

I have the complete MW series, That will be my next for sure!

mau642617d ago

I agree that they will both be great hits and will coincide with each other. One might sell better but they can both be huge hits for the developers and publishers.

Condrarian2616d ago

This is my point in a nutshell.

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