Enchanted Arms Set for PS3

Xbox 360's first Japanese RPG makes the move to Sony's new console.

Software will bring Enchanted Arms to the PS3, the latest issue of Famitsu reveals. The company is porting over the Xbox 360's first Japanese RPG to Sony's new system for Japanese release some time this Winter.

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kewlkat0075865d ago

Anybody have some suggestion to what the best GOLEM party is? Or at least what they use?

Somethnnew185865d ago

I have sitting by quitely for months watching these forums transform from Xbox360news to this website and haven't decided to join till' now....My reasoning.....Because I haven't seen it fit....Now, I'm pissed....Who cares about this title getting moved over to PS3...It doesn't solve the factor that this is a port....Not much is gonna change it... It won't look much if at all better..What does this port accomplish other than to satisfy you Playstation savy fanboys need for another ported R.P.G. games...Shouldn't other game system be allowed a microsoft only rpg considering they have few and far between rpg games anyways....Whoopity Do!!!!!1...Anything else exciting happening!!!!!!!!

Bhai5865d ago

Hee Hee Hee !!! the first 360 RPG coming to PS3 ! not that it 'needs' any, for even next-genish FF-XII, Seiken Densetsu 4, Valkyrie Profile, Disgaea 2 and the awesome Rogue Galaxy are more than just enough to be playable on the PS3, but that's good to know that we're not gonna miss anything. The X-clusive 360 title is coming to PS3, HaHaHa yummy, everybody knows that Assassin's Creed will always be better on PS3 with motion-sensing and blu-ray(no compression needed), so its going on 360 won't mean much, but Enchanted Arms might undergo some improvements and also become something special for the PS3 version. Anyhow...bring up all those games here, on the PS3 !!!

Lucidmantra5864d ago

Your post is 100% lacking in anything intelligent to say about the 360. Who said Assassins Creed is going to be so big that it needs to be compressed on a regular DVD? And just because Sony says you need motion sensors do you really? I will stick with the rumble that I have in my controller. And when I want to play on a motion sensor controller I will turn on my Nintendo Wii and play games that are made for a real motion sensitive controller not a half asses Hybrid.

Yes the PS3 has alot of JRPG's it is the king of that genre. Unfortunately almost 75% of them have the same damn stroyline rewritten with new names or events jumbled around in a different order. I like FF.. one of the original NES RPGs (ripping off Ultima actually) I am glad you are hype for your PS3, but you can have Enchanted Arms, i have heard it is mediocre at best because it is a totally cliche JRPG, not due to gfx or gameplay but the script is totally a cliche. Just like the other one you guys are getting and saying MS is dead, FUll Auto, it was horrible and about as shallow as those plastic wading pools you can but at Walmart for $40.

Dusk5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

You're a moron. With Bluray's low read speads, it needs compression. Compression is actually a good thing. Uncompressed games with lower read speeds are bad. You are cheering about a negative, moron. Have fun with your minute and a half load times. Games will be no different on a PS3, as the PS3 doesn't offer anything better. Motion-sensing has been done before. It sucks. At least Nintendo is trying harder. Sony just put it in because they can't have rumble. Again, you are cheering for a negative.

The reason JRPGs would make sense to be multiplatform is because there are not enough consumers in Japan that would buy the 360 version to make the game profitable. Only the most popular JRPGs sell well all over the world. Japan gobbles them all up.

Also, the PS3 is losing more exclusives than the 360 (UT2007, Assassins Creed, GTA IV, RE 5, etc.), so I would be more concerened about that if I were you. Each one of those games will sell 10 to 15 times more copies, worldwide, than Enchanted Arm. No one is going to buy a system for Enchanted Arm, but they would've bought a PS3 just to play Assassins Creed, GTA IV, and RE 5. Sorry, paunchy, it's just not that big of news, like Full Auto. Who cares?

Anerythristic265864d ago

It's not coming to PS3. It has an ONLY ON XBOX 360 stamp on the game. That means they have it writing signed by lawyers that it's only for 360.

EVER OLVERA5864d ago

I could care less about this game, anyways. From what I have read throughout many videogame review sources, the game is mediocre at best. So what if it goes to the PS3. The game wasn't a triple AAA title, anyways. But for the game to be stamped with a 'Only on 360" logo, and then have the game jump to the PS3 platform, is quite interesting. For legal purposes, it could be the same game, with different character names and game title?