Square Enix Talks Heroes of Mana

The Mana series has always been seen as one with the potential to be as big as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest for Square Enix and with the World of Mana project, the company is attempting to achieve just that. Cubed³ recently caught up with the team behind the latest DS outing 'Heroes of Mana' to talk over the game and the various hurdles involved in bringing the Mana Universe to the realms of a real-time strategy game.

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Vojkan4926d ago

HEroes of mana suck BIG balls

Douchebaggery4926d ago

Has there been any good game from that series after Secret of Mana 2?

m91058264926d ago

I still hope and pray that one installment will at least MATCH Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3. I've been disappointed for a long time...