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2K mod: There will be no PS3 version of BioShock

Responding to the new round of rumors last week that BioShock is coming to PS3 in 2008, a 2K Games forum moderator has this to say:


Note: 2K forum moderators work for 2K Games.

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There will be no PS3 version of BioShock.

It has been explained time, and time again.

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a fourm post no where in the fourm dose it say the moderator works for 2k
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X_GAMER_X4960d ago

LOOOL is what I got to say.
rumors are ugly

BrianC62344960d ago

If a forum moderator says no PS3 version of Bioshock it must be true. Not. Since when does something from a forum mod mean anything? Is it the president of the company or something? I don't know if this game will come out for the PS3 or not but I don't get my news from mods.

leon764960d ago

Uau...look at all that xbots approving this story...

Wii60_FTW4960d ago

awwwww. look at all the sony dogs crying about this story....

TheHater4960d ago

Wait, did I miss something. Didn't MS sign a deal with 2kgames to keep this an 360 exclusive? Or didn't something happen to say otherwise?

Ashta4960d ago

Microsoft Game Studios actually paid to have the game switched to an Xbox 360 exclusive while the PS3 version was in mid-development. Which is kind of a crappy move on the part of Microsoft because all they did was pay to have another version canned....which is dirty.

To anyone that calls this a "conspiracy" it isn't. The article on it was in one of the recent EGM issues....I believe september or october where they had an interview with a Bioshock dev. A sidebox held the information that insiders had received information that the reason why the PS3 version was canned was because MS was throwing money around.

Microsoft also did it with Dead Rising. Capcom was going to port over Lost Planet and Dead Rising both, but Microsoft sent a very large money hat to see to it that Dead Rising 1 (the sequel is up in the air) never made it to the PS3 console.

Some people might feel that this is a smart move on Microsoft's part but remember that this business practice is what got them caught up in the anti-trust lawsuits they are in today. It is a business plan to destroy competition through monetary bribes instead of through the free-market itself.

Anyways, as for the PS3 version of Bioshock....would I like to see it? Hell yeah I would. Am I going to cry about this? No, because I, like many others who don't own or never plan to own an Xbox 360, have a PC and I already own Bioshock for that. Just like how I have Gears of War now too.... and I'm sure when MGS (Microsoft Game Studios...not Metal Gear Solid) caves to customer pressure and Mass Effect ends up on PC I'll buy it then too.

socsca4960d ago

Ehm, that doesn't make much sence to me man. Dev teams aren't mercenaries in a traditional sence, they can't just end development for one console because another throws money at them once they've signed a contract (and been paid...) with any-one console maker. Sony would have had to agree (for some reason=maybe money, lack of positive prospect, whatever) to cancelling the contract, don't just blame M$ deep pockets. Might be crappy, yeah, but Sony let'em. So who's crappier, M$ for wanting exclusive rights over a game they knew was gonna be a hit or Sony for not caring enough about their customers to invest in this game? (alternatively beeing to stupid to realize it was gonna be huge).

I think, I know soooomething about law, but i'm from europe so maybe you have different systems over there.
However, you are right on point concerning the anti-trust issue and I completely support your view on this matter. Such practices, tho positive for some consumers (read xbox360 ownerz) must be disencouraged.

ruibing4960d ago

Well, Microsoft's dominance/monopoly in software worldwide gives it a strategic position to be very liberal with its investments (take MSNBC for example). While Sony's electronics have a lot of competition from both foreign and domestic brands, who competes with MS's Windows except Apple's OSX and GNU's Linux?

Every development team wants to be well funded. In fact, it would be better for them that the publisher takes up the financial risk for the games, and MS is in such a position to do so.

Gorgon4960d ago

Socsa: They can cancel development for a title on a console as long as a developer is independent and is not beying fed money from MS or Sony.

Ashta: Mass Effect WILL come to the PC.

PS360PCROCKS4960d ago

ashta shutup and quit your crying "anti trust laws" lmao gimme a break dude.

"Wah wah Microsoft is keep all the games exclusive"
It's called business obviously something you know nothing about...Microsoft paid to keep the PS3 from seeing the games, that might not be buying the rights but it sure as hell is buying the exclusivity of the title. I'm pretty sure you didn't whine when Sony had the entire gaming world in it's back pocket with the PS2. Microsoft is paying for parity without them doing it their would be no reason to own a 360 as every game would be on the PS3 as well.

Silver Bull3t4960d ago

This is just more incentive for SONY to do what they should've been doing from the beginning, developing exclusive titles to play-up the power of their console. Not rely on 3rd parties to do it for them.

tvo4960d ago

I hope you don't ever open a business. That may not be a smart move for you.

Ashta (he's right btw) wasn't saying the 360 was violating anti-trust laws, just that Microsoft has done actions that did and that trying to buy off software developers (for games or computers) is a way of doing that.

But I suppose you can retaliate his informed response with fanboy fanaticism.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4960d ago

Your "crying" about it right now, your tears are leeking through the net and on to my keyboard.


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TheMART4960d ago

Sony fangirl wants Bioshock


Sony fangirl cries for Bioshock


Sony fangirl lies about getting Bioshock


"There will be no PS3 version of BioShock.

It has been explained time, and time again."


rofldings4960d ago

Just like you crying for MGS4?

redmamoth4960d ago

TheMART talks Sh1te!


TheMart talks more Sh1te!


Sh1te is literally ouzing from TheMart!!


TheMart retreats to put wrap a towel around his beloved 360, plants a big wet kiss on his shrine to Big Bill and dissapears to tend to his other RED RING....


leon764960d ago

I've allready have it for the PC, remenber...i've allready finish it, and playing second time... all games that are exclusives for xbox are in the PC...ahahahahah....don't need x360 to play bioschock... sorry man....

Tryst4960d ago

In other words 2K sold their soul to the devil.

scoobysnacks4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Xbot behaves likes small child, pointing finger. I’ve got it and you haven’t, na na nana na.


Xbot runs to mummy, he’s picking on me.

Guess those Sony fans with PC’s will just buy that version instead.

So called exclusive! It never was coming to PS3, this is news?

TheMART4960d ago

To all above: you forget about a couple of important details:

Konami is 3rd party, and have mentioned a couple of times they are looking to other platforms also.

The 360 had 12 mln. units sold somewhere this summer. The 360 sold over 500k in USA alone in September, October also above 500k. World wide they'll touch what, 800k a month. November, even more. December last year they sold 2.1 mln. consoles was it in USA alone or world wide not sure. But still, those numbers combined make an easy 4 mln. sold the last 4 months of this year. Add that on the already 12 mln. number. 16 mln. 360's out there at the end of this year, compared to the slow selling (130k in USA alone) PS3 the last months, just on 5.65 mln. sold recently, makes what, maybe 7 mln. to max. 8 mln. at the end of this year.

Bioshock doesn't need the PS3 to make more profit/get the costs back. MGS4 needs a larger audience then the PS3 one to make profit/get the costs back.

Combine it with the recent Konami survey in Japan if they would buy a PS3 at all etc. And its a complete other story then Bioshock. If you can't see that... Hasn't MGS2 also been on the XBOX 1? So far Konami's loyalty to Sony

scoobysnacks4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Only “rofldings” stated anything about MGS4, and that was only as a jibe against you for such fanboy comments regarding Bioshock coming to PS3. Admittedly some Sony fanboys seem to think Bioshock was still coming to their beloved console, but the majority already new this was unlikely.

So why bring up this old flogged horse of a story about MGS4 and the 360, it’s already been put to rest more times on this site than probably any other story, or are you just that desperate to get hold of it. Give it a rest and stick to the topic, which is not MGS4, its about the non-arrival of Bioshock on PS3, which quite frankly is a good game, but in my opinion (note: only my opinion, others are entitled to their opinion), not a stand-out great game, just a good game, I’ve played better over the years on the PC. Hence, its not a title I’m sorry to see NOT coming to the PS3.

BestGamerAlive4960d ago

we dont want bioshock so u can keep it and u keep paying 4 ur online u cant ball on my network anyways u trash

superdude4960d ago

Hideo and Ryan Peyton, "mgs4is ps3exsclusive"

an xbot goes and cries

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Sez 4960d ago

now maybe these dumb @ss rumors about bioshock,MGS4,ect can stop.

WAR_MACHINE774960d ago

I wish they would go away but frankly, the truth seems to have little effect on rumors like these. God himself could come down and say "no bioshock for PS3 and no MGS4 for 360" and fanboys would still claim they heard it was from a better source.