Doom 4: 30 fps in singleplayer, 60 fps in multiplayer

John Carmack revealed, that the singleplayer mode of Doom 4 runs at 30 fps. The multiplayer mode runs at 60 fps.

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gw4k4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

I have been playing through the original Doom on the PC. Love it! Amazing game.
Just finished Doom and working on Doom 2. Just amazing!

Can't wait for 4!

Ranshak4717d ago

Just purchased Doom 3 on PC for the new mod thats been released few weeks back. Gonna be replaying doom 3 ;-)

Bring on Doom 4!!

RedDead4717d ago

Which mod is that? I got Doom 3 again a few weeks just for the sake of it

reynod4717d ago

"Doom 4: 30 fps in singleplayer, 60 fps in multiplayer"

Only on console, PC version will be a solid 60fps+ most likely even on mid range hardware.

SilentNegotiator4716d ago

"“In the Doom 4 project, we decided Doom 4 Multiplayer will run at 60 frames per second, while the single player is 30 frames per second, so you can have twice as many demons coming at you,” id’s lead engineer John Carmack told Gamasutra"

It's hypothetical. He wants the single player to be so hectic, that it runs at about 30fps, and the MP to be a smooth 60fps, since much less would be happening.

We'll see if that actually happens.

DatNJDom814716d ago (Edited 4716d ago )

Well it won't be as empty as rage. That's a good thing. So while rage will look marvelous running on consoles at 60 fps, it wont have as much going on on screen, as I've been saying all along. I just hope Doom 4 is scary as hell and looks pretty. Lord knows that we need more horror this gen.

fr0sty4716d ago

That was one of my biggest gripes about Doom 3, it lost that "all hell has broken loose" feel that the previous 2 games had. You didn't walk out into massive courtyards decorated with splattered human remains and hanging corpses and get ambushed by 60 demons who start spawning out of every corner, only to have a cyberdemon surprise the hell out of you when you thought you were safe. It was far too confined to being a corridor shooter, picking off a few enemies at a time here and there. Glad to see that issue being addressed.

Soldierone4716d ago

Frosty couldn't agree with you more. Even Quake did that so well in the early game. Its some of my fondest memories walking into those areas. One of them in Quake 2 where you walk into the test chambers and see soldiers dying and being worked on etc....

Doom 3 was a killer game, but it didn't have that. I want the big monsters back, the levels where you running around hoping the guy doesn't pop out on you, and not so much of the "it takes a crap ton of bullets to take a guy down and thats why its scary" motive. I think if you combine the horror aspects of the confined spaces in Doom 3 in certain levels, but also have the mayhem and awesomeness of Doom 1 and 2 you will have easily one of the best games ever made....again.

news4geeks4716d ago

yeah 1 and 2 are awesome but Doom3 is a bore-fest. Have my doubts for Doom4.

ape0074716d ago

i love all DOOM games, doom 1, 2, the amazing, underrated DOOM 64 and the amazing DOOM 3 on xbox 1

I cannot wait for doom 4

classic AAA level design :)

Solidus187-SCMilk4716d ago

Me too. I got doom 1, 2, and 3 on PC. And also got Doom 64 and doom 1 and 2 again on 360 arcade.

I loved doom and I will have a new Pc by the time doom 4 comes out.

walken74716d ago

Awesome, I forgot about Doom 64, that was pretty cool.

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Kos-Mos4716d ago

This is a perfect example of a fanboy commenting.

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JellyJelly4717d ago

Didn't even know it was officially announced.

Gazondaily4717d ago

Same here! Where did this come from?

One thing's for sure- if this is true and Doom 4 is running at 30fps- the visual fidelity of this game must be amazing! I am making assumptions of course.

AAWELLS094717d ago

Yeah same thing i was thinking it must look amazing i just cant wait to see it running

theonlylolking4716d ago

Just because it is 30fps does not make it look visually good. They might be doing something that is huge that is not graphic intensive but physics intensive.

RAGE is 60fps and it is not visually good on consoles so why does everyone think this one will be visually good just because it is in 30fps?

damnyouretall4716d ago

i play so many 30fps games, it just doesnt matter. this game better be ready next year. more enemies on screen? man thats old school doom right there. i need some footage to tease me or somethin

Cpt_kitten4717d ago

they said when they were starting rage they were going to do doom 4 after rage, shouldn't be that big of a surprise

i wanna know if there will be another quake

theEx1Le4717d ago

It was announced over 2 years ago

Gazondaily4717d ago

"There is a chance that we have the Blu-ray in the PS3 version equipped with more data than DVDs for Xbox 360"

Fishy Fingers4717d ago

Opposite to Rage. Expect Doom SP to look pretty special then.

lastdual4716d ago

That's what I was thinking. If even Carmack is willing to cap the single player off at 30 fps, it must be pushing some pretty mind blowing visuals.

raztad4716d ago

I actually dont expect it to look (on consoles) any more impressive than UC3 or any other currently available good looking game. Doom 4 will (probably) sport a 30fps framerate in order to introduce some form realtime (likely volumetric) lighting, and not the prebaked stuff in RAGE. I believe this considering the horror survival nature of the past installation.

StifflerK4717d ago

It'd be nice if they could release a Doom Collection - which'd include HD versions of Doom 1, 2 and 3 plus all the mission packs ( final doom etc.)

bumnut4716d ago

Doom wouldn't be the same without the 2d enemies :)

ape0074715d ago

HD 2-D enemies?