Mushroom Men Gameplay Trailer

The second official Mushroom Men trailer shows gameplay clips from the upcoming Wii and DS title; as shown on Gamespot.

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purin6087d ago

Very intriguing title
it's good to see developers bringing fresh, yet nostalgic, ideas to gaming

Jinxstar6087d ago

WTH was that?

gave me deja vu for some reason.

Oddworld or....Neverhood or something... Need to see more on this.

Laexerias6087d ago

gay B/ thought it would be better

ChickeyCantor6087d ago

i remember that slime thingy he used for swinging around the place.....
pretty nostalgic XD

monkey6026087d ago

I must say this game looks fairly boring to me


BeefJack: Mushroom Men - The Spore Wars Review

BeefJack writes: "Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is a miniature 3D action/adventure platformer. I say miniature as it is played out from a 3-inch high perspective with some really original characters and themes that make for good eye candy throughout the game. The whole world is intriguing as you set out on your adventure playing through gardens, grass, logs, trees and pipes, and over tabletops, sinks, toilets and other household objects. When playing you really do get the feeling you have been shrunk and sucked into the world from a Mushrooms perspective."

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GamersInfo Review – Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

GamersInfo writes: "Who would win in a fight to the death: a bunny rabbit or a mushroom? What if the mushroom wielded a weapon comprised of a matchstick, gum, a shard of glass, and had telekinetic powers due to some stuff called "spore". Also, the bunny's been infected by that same "spore" stuff. "

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Videogamer Review: Mushroom Men

VG: "While we're quick to highlight quality third-party efforts on the Wii, with recent months delivering a decent number to compete with Nintendo's offerings, the bigger picture is a bleak one. One of the biggest problems is a general lack of effort in terms of visual design, with the majority of third-party Wii games struggling to even better what was put out on the technically inferior GameCube. Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars looks to right a few of those wrongs, combining solid platforming gameplay with a wonderful art style and superb audio work. Mushroom Men might not be a Nintendo-quality platformer, but it's an example of what can be achieved with the underpowered console."

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