PSX-Sense Hands-on with the PS Vita

PSX-Sense writes: "The PlayStation Vita was one of the very cool things you could see at GamesCom Cologne. We had to wait just a few minutes and we finally could get our hands on the PS Vita. What we think of it? It's a great device... Read more in our hands-on"

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MasterCornholio2705d ago

Pretty amazing handheld. It truly does provide a next gen experience unlike any other handheld currently on the market.

IrishYamato-2705d ago

There are loads of people saying "Day 1" in Vita related articles, i hope Sony ship enough to go around on release. :-)

MasterCornholio2705d ago

LOL we are going to get reports of the Vita being sold out everywhere. It will be like the Wii at launch there will be such a high demand for it that sony wont be able to keep up with the orders. Which is why i am going to preorder it as soon as I can at game.

LOL cant wait for the midnight launch its gonna be a great night when that happens.

Xof2705d ago

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one here who remembers what the PSP and PS3 hype was like in the months before they launched, and what the reality ended up being.


I guess we could even add the 3DS to that list.

dragunrising2705d ago

Dual analog sticks and front/back touch screens alone would sell me on a $250 system. The graphics, trophy/PSN integration, possible multi-game voice chat and extensive software support make the Vita must own. I'm usually not so excited for any handheld system however it seems to check all the right boxes...

blackburn102705d ago

@ Xof. What's with all the negativity from you about the VITA? What's your deal. You act like it is impossible for it to do well at all? You know people thought the PS1 would fail against Nintendo and Sega and they were practically had the gaming market in the palm of their hands. The VITA is not a PSP or a PS3 so why do you believe it will go the same way? By that logic everyone should have expected the Wii to fail after the N64 and the Gamecube got owned by the PS1 and PS2.

newn4gguy2705d ago

"What is that beautiful."

Google translate FTW!