Creating the Battlefield 3 Wall in Cologne, CoD gets painted over

The best Making Of i've seen in a while. Battlefield 3 advert in Cologne for Gamescom 2011. :D

The video surfaced shows the process of painting a Battlefield 3 advert covering a whole wall in Cologne for Gamescom. Even better, before was a Call of Duty Black Ops advert.

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phantomexe2706d ago

That's just great right there.

Miiikeyyy2706d ago

7 days seems pretty damn fast to paint this, specially with that detail!

General Shrooms2705d ago

oh, the symbolism. hilarious.

Spinal2705d ago

The beginning to a new era.

*tears up*

dark-hollow2705d ago

kids should erase cod too from their heads and relize that there are another good fps games around.

GuyManDude2705d ago

relize that there are another good fps games

*has aneurism*

fl1pp132705d ago

It looked so amazing when I saw it in real life, though I didn't know Activision had the same plan a year earlier.