Ibuki PLAYER GUIDE Rev.2 (online book)

Izuna of WAFIGHTERSdotCOM releases a free strategy guide for aspiring SUPER Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition players.


What is new?

- Small typos have been corrected.
- New page detailing important "Normal Attacks" has been added.
- Zoning and Footsies has been replaced with a Ibuki vs. Ryu detailed Guide.
- Option-selects against Chun-Li and Dictator (credits to Walnut Shrimp).
- Revised credits.
- More Ibuki Trivia.
- New cover.
- New "Anti-air Moves" page consisting of information obtained from MingoDynasty, as well as Hit-box data for each.
- Safe-jumps and ambiguous cross-ups have been closely worked on this time, including MingoDynasty's findings.
- Frame data.

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