The 5 Best Video Game Tunes writes: "Here’s a list that’s bound to cause a healthy heap of nerd rage and name calling. I guarantee at least five of the first ten comments will involve something on the order of, “My god, how could you forget…!?”

But that’s the point of these lists of mine. I never think they’re definitive, I just love cranking out my favorite pieces under a theme and seeing who agrees and who thinks I’m positively nuts. It’s normally a dead even split, so I’ll take it.

This time, we’re going over the five best video game tunes. They’re my five best, to be clear. Since I’m the main video game writer for TechnoBuffalo, that means they are our five best. Majority rules people, that’s just basic math (it isn’t)!"

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DarkSymbiote2707d ago

List sucks. Don't bother.