Zelda Williams supports Operation Moonfall

"Wondering just how big of a fan Zelda Williams is when it comes to the Zelda series? Here's one of her most recent tweets...", writes GoNintendo.

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Convas2711d ago

Lord have mercy. I had no idea that Robin William's daughter was so fine. X)

Abash2711d ago

What's the point of Operation Moonfall? Didn't Nintendo already express interest in getting Majora's Mask remade on 3DS? OoT 3D is only a few months old so these people behind the "operation" are either impatient or just want attention

Buho2711d ago

LOL I didn't even know he had a daughter. WOW!

JellyJelly2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I think she looks a little...Link-ish.

egidem2711d ago

He's actually a gamer (Robin Williams) and for that he named his daughter after The Legend of Zelda. She must be so lucky because she has a father who happens to be the funniest person on earth.

JellyJelly2710d ago

If you think having ADD and talking with funny voices is good comedy then maybe. To me he's about as funny as Adam Sandler.

lizard812882711d ago

Nintendo said that they might make Majora's Mask in 3D. I hope they give it the OoT treatment and not the Star Fox one.

OoT=Sexy New Graphics, Master Quest, New Modes

SF64=Port with sexy graphics. No New content added.

jacksonmichael2711d ago

Star Fox has some mild improvements, like being able to replay levels at any point, and of course, the ability to save, which kind of makes it the definitive version, but... I see your point.

SuperSaiyan42711d ago

That nose needs changing >.<

bangoskank2711d ago

Operation Moonfall. Very clever.
Zelda seems like a really cool chick.
This commercial she did with her dad is heartwarming.

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