Another leaked I Am Alive cutscene

Another cutscene has been leaked for I Am Alive.

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ratsrock2649d ago

Why do you (Valay) always linkify your links to articles?

I have to tell you that is kind of insulting to me...
To add insult to injury, You put the "Skip this ad" letters White against a White background so that people can not get to the article.

I always have to select the whole page to know where to press to resume the ad. please stop doing that. I have not seen anybody else here doing that. its an insult to the readers, they shouldn't have this shoved in their faces. Is common courtesy and respect. i never put ads in my articles.

Jack_DangerousIy2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Here's some cheese.

OT: I love that he can tell she has a fever, even though he's wearing gloves.... HAH.

OhMyGandhi2648d ago

That is pretty funny.

Game looks...interesting though.

Whitefeather2648d ago

Notice they are fingerless gloves...

DaCajun2648d ago

You people must not have kids or just kids yourself. I can tell without touching my kid if they have a fever especially if they are wearing a jacket because it's cold, coughing, sweating all over their face, and their face is turning flush. Then those are a few pretty good signs of a fever and probably sick. If you look at the video again the kids faces looks like it is sweaty but even still you don't always have to feel someone's skin to tell they have a fever.

Hey let's make games that you have to watch someone prepare food then eat it in actual time, that would be fun. Then we can watch them sit on a toilet later and crap in actual time also, that would be even more fun, yeah.

Also it's a game, I like realism and all in my games but I don't want tons of added crap to a game making things drag on just for a little more realism. What do you people want? You want him to bend her over an use a rectal thermometer to make sure and add that extra once of realism for you? People will complain about anything these days. If you want realism get out in the real world and experience it first hand.

supersonicjerry2648d ago

He said she had a fever before he even touched her head.

uncharted562648d ago

did u notice that he was feeling her hands to check for fever before feeling her forehead. Hope that helps.

Grip2648d ago

u need to take a first aid class

ProperFunked2648d ago

adam jensen is in this too? (voice on other end of radio)

clarkjudo2648d ago

This may end up being a promotional video for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. :)

juggulator2648d ago

Vaporware in 3....2....1..