5 Horrifying Video Game Sounds That You’ll Never Want to Hear Again

Rafael Christian from Bit Cultures writes:

"Having great memories from video games is one thing. But when you have nightmares about them, it’s nonsense. That’s why today I am bringing you 5 sounds from video games that are made to stress you out, scare you and raise your heart rate. If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about."

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wonderfulmonkeyman2076d ago

If we're not counting jump scares like from FNAF....hmm....
Well, yeah, Redeads are pretty damned high up on the list for me.XD
Though I think that Reapers from Mass Effect and the doom skulls from Kid Icarus Uprising are also good candidates for the "Oh sh*t, I hear it coming for me!" list.XD