Top 25 Wii Games Of All Time (25-21)

Over the years since its release, the Wii has had lots of games created for it: Some good, some mediocre, and a whole bunch of poorly done motion control wannabes. That doesn’t, however, keep it from having many good games of it’s own, and starting today we’ll take a look at the top 25 games made for Wii…ever.

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vishant1012705d ago

number 1 should be twilight princess or smg 2 some truly great experiences where on the wii so much creativity but a shame that third party support was so low

DarkCharizard_2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

10.Mario Kart Wii
9. Tatsunoko vs Capcom
8. New Super Mario Bros
7. Super Smash Bros Brawl
6. Monster Hunter Tri
5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
4. Resident Evil 4
3. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Metroid Prime Trilogy
1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Soon Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and The Legend of Zelda: SS will be part of this list...

Stealth2k2704d ago

And dragon quest X...........

Yangus2704d ago

Metroid:Other M

TheRichterBelmont2704d ago

New Super Mario Bros is way too low on that list.

DarkCharizard_2704d ago

Just shows Wii has THAT many great games!

PCE2704d ago

The Wii is pretty fun. I wish it has more IPs from Nintendo and better 3rd party support. Whatever, Nintendo's games are still fun and that is all it matters in the end...

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Dwalls11712704d ago

I no im gonna get hate but I just cant mess with the just makes me feel like im playing ps2 .. Dont get me wrong ps2 was great but its past its time ....from the fitst time I saw ps3/360 visuals on a high def tv I said I will never touch a wii

mamotte2704d ago

When I saw the graphics of Avatar I said I'd never look to something that weren't that impressive.

omeGAMERcenary2704d ago

No hate here because you are entitled to your own opinion. However, graphics aren't the only thing that make a game great. Tetris is an example of a great game which did not have great graphics, yet it's considered a classic and is still being played up to this day. You are robbing yourself of some really good, really fun experiences.

dark-hollow2704d ago

Th wii sure has DOZENS of great games.
Sadly, "hardcorez" gamers here never notice it

LoaMcLoa2704d ago

It's because they only care about HD'z graphxx

I can't wait for The Last Story and Pandora's Tower! Right now I'm playing the hell out of Xenoblade

omeGAMERcenary2704d ago

10 hours into Xenoblade; I can't seem to put the controller down.

Pocker2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

25 through 11 had to be very tough to come up with games.

i'd say a top 10 list would have been good enough, considering that's about it for "good" games.

honestly my favorite games for wii of all time were excite truck, wii sports and smash bros.....other than i just really didn't get alot of enjoyment out of it. i beat zelda and mario galaxy but for some reason it just didnt do it for me.

my only regret of selling my wii is not getting to play donkey kong country

Yangus2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

And Dragon Quest X!
Confirmed TGS 2011.

not awesome games,but cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.