Resistance 3 Beta Experience

How was your experience with the Resistance 3 beta? Well, be sure to read about ours in this article!

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2713d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi2713d ago

Beta is pretty fun. Started out pretty rough but it's pretty balanced and stable now. Honestly though I think I'll be spending most of my time in private games with no abilities allowed. That and one hit kills.... Ah hit kills :). Remember one hit kill on the Manchester map?

pangitkqb2713d ago

I'm gonna have to say that, despite what this "preview" says, the Map on the English Seaside is quite colorful and beautiful. Makes me wonder how much something has to look like Viva Pinata to be counted as "not brown."

Anyway, the beta is awesome, the multiplayer is responsive and fun, and the visuals are a great evolution of the series and high quality.

DiLeCtioN2713d ago

I don't like the aiming, its just trying to be another COD. Devs are losing their original skills for the sake of noobs

xjumpman232713d ago

the aiming is nothing like COD TBH. COD is primarily an ADS shooter whereas in resistance you have to strafe move and hip fire to be a monster. Trying to kill people ADS will surely get you killed fast.

DiLeCtioN2713d ago

What are you talking about? Hip firing was good on the first resistance, I tried to hip fire and strafe but I failed miserably because you have to ADS to kill

Its been like this since R2

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2713d ago

Firing from the hip works fine to me. With the bullseye you just have to tag ppl and let loose. With the Carbine you can hit em with the grenade launcher and then just spray and pray to finish em. Shotgun needs no explanation. Only two guns where hip fire is a bad choice is with the sniper and marksman. But those are scoped weapons meant for long range anyway.

xjumpman232713d ago

i average 4+ kills per minuet i know what i'm talking about. ADS is only good for the marksmen and the occasional ranged carbine kill.

xjumpman232713d ago

The game has custom controls.

DrFUD2712d ago

I can't decide which map I like better.
They are both awesome and the gameplay is absolutely champ.
Wish the character models looked better however.

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