Interview with Sean Riley, lead designer at Twisted Pixel Games

Interview with Sean Riley, lead designer at Twisted Pixel Games. We talked about Kinect, downloadable games, the difficulty of being indie and how important is to laugh about yourself, among other things.

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gravemaker2713d ago

it will not,who are they trying to deceive? It on-rail cartoonish shitty shooter with KINECT - its obviously will not convince any core,hardcore or any other normal gamer to buy useless accessory

Bigpappy2713d ago

Misleading title. That is not what they said in the interview. I hate when one of this internet writers get the interview of their life, then try to over sell it by lying in the head title.

Unicron2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Well said Bigpappy.

Otheros002713d ago

Stop forcing diskinect down our throats.

DragonKnight2713d ago

Core gamers aren't stubborn, they just know what they will and will not like. Kinect has yet to prove that it's anything more than a gimmicky add-on, so why should the core audience embrace it?

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