One-Console Future Debate - Round 2

Is the video game industry inevitably headed towards a one-console future? Ben Hoyt of Emergent and Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights square off once again.

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JsonHenry4932d ago

Yes, the industry will end up with just "one" console. That "console" is going to be the home computer.

It is going to happen. Just wait and see.

freakyzeeky4933d ago

Good God! That controller has more buttons than the Jaguar!

Capt CHAOS4932d ago

it's called a gaming PC, if you want that, go get a gaming PC..

otherwise, leave the console world to it's own. There's room for both ways of marketing and delivering games and entertainment. Each has it's own advantage.

DeadlyFire4932d ago

The Consoles are really gaming PCs if you look at the way they are heading to in the next few generations. Look at last generation with PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and the long list of features we got with them including online play, and DVD playback.

Now look at this generation of consoles with PS3, X360, and Wii. We get the same as well as Blu-Ray/HD-DVD playback, web browsing, movies on demand, game mods(UT3 is first, but likely others will follow), Keyboard & mouse support(PS3 only), and many other features coming down the pipeline for X360, PS3, and Wii over next few years. It is likely the next set of consoles will look more like cheap PCs than consoles.

Ravenator5294932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Sure, one console would end "fanboyism" as we know it. But that is the only "positive" that would come from having "one" future console.

On the consumer end, this would be a very very bad thing!!

One console would mean that we would have no "choice". Having no choice means that we would have to succumb to the pricing and business models of "one" particular company.

So in turn what would keep a company from charging anything that they want for their console and the games that are used on their console?

NOTHING! Because competition would be non-existent.

You all better hope that this never happens.

Remember, competition sustains a healty market.


who needs it if theres a ps3 supercomputer that has movie graphics and wont max out, leave it

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