Top Ten Things Not to Do In Minecraft

Bright Hub writes: "You’ll find a ton of guides online outlining all the cool things you can do in Minecraft. What you don’t see as often is a list of things you should definitely avoid doing in this sandbox game.

After spending a bit of time existing in the world of Minecraft, we’ve compiled a list of ten “don’ts” that all players should be aware of.

Check out the top ten things you should not do in Minecraft."

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rabidpancakeburglar2711d ago

screw that, I'll mine below my feet if I please

gw4k2711d ago

Don't ever tell people not to do something. I'll mine to your mine and out mine you BIOTCH!

ATi_Elite2711d ago

spend endless hours beating animals to death! although it's fun when stressed out at work....Sorry PETA!!

vortis2711d ago

So mining above your head is a no-no because lava might melt your face off?

Well, if that's the only danger that's not that bad at all. And here it is I was thinking mining above your head would cause a complete shaft collapse or some horrible thing like that. Ha!

Red_Phoenix2711d ago

"Do Not Run Toward Your Base When Chased By a Creeper" - You should run to someones else base instead, if your playing online that is.

Axll2710d ago

Had no idea about that bed glitch! Thanks for the heads up.