Top 10 Most Exciting MMOs in Development

The 247 Arcade writes: "Rift kicked off the year showing developers how you launch and support an MMO. That was just the beginning; let’s check out some of the most exciting ones that are currently in development."

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zeal0us3808d ago

will secret world be f2p or p2p?

Persistantthug3807d ago

How come none of them have console announcements?

I know GUILD WARS 2 has a console dev team....but other than that, no others...and even GW2 hasn't been officially announced yet.

Why the heck would a developer make games where they need as many people playing...why would they NOT want to put their game(s) on consoles?

Just doesn't make sense to me.

Persistantthug3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I mean some will, but not enough to keep the game going.

Unless the game is as good as WORLD OF WARCRAFT or on that level, there's no reason to pay when there are so many that are free.

I mean GUILD WARS series is a top flight game, so if you can't match that, how in the world is any dev thinking they can charge for a lesser game successfully?

sealion883807d ago

what about planetside 2?!!!

ATi_Elite3807d ago

I'll be playing every single one of those except Marvel universe.....and maybe Star Wars!

very good article and list.

yog-sothot3807d ago

I am not a MMO player, I played one that was free several years ago, that's about it. It takes too much time. But I have to admit there are several titles in the list that seems pretty interesting !

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