Need for Speed: Pro Street street kings trailer

New trailer introduces us to the "top dogs" of the racing world that you'll need to come face to face with in your career to become the best.

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hotrider124932d ago

who in their right mind give a fvck about prostreet? it was made to fast, the camera shaky, cars rumble wildly on the road you cant keep it straight half of the time. and doing cornners is a automatic wall job. I give this game a thumbs way down. just awful,crappy worst need for speed I ever played. EA if you have any heart left for gamers plz!!!!! re-do hotpursuit and high stakes!!!!

hotrider124932d ago

I been playing nfs games since day one I enjoyed every last one of the series til now. good God this game sucks I hate to sound negetive guys, but this take the cake its just plain awful!!!!!
all I can say positive is the graphic is clean,crisp almost real looking. other than that crappy!!! flush it down the toilet where it belongs. going to get my money back tomarrow